Credit Benefits

Ways to Benefit from the Credit Fund

  • The Credit Fund will provide the means to develop a wider variety of cash crops and export crops. For example:
  • Rice-growing areas could be developed. The Credit Fund will provide the bio-fertilizers for abundant productivity while the Credit Fund would make available money to build the irrigation system.
  • New export crops could be grown, e.g. organic flowers.
  • The production of millet, cowpeas, sorghum, maize rice, cotton, groundnuts, guinea corn, sugarcane, gum arabic, rice, honey, ginger, pepper, and vegetables can be increased.
  • Pasture land can be restored with Pro-Plant
  • The Credit Fund will provide the means to develop jatropha for bio-fuel, and other bio-fuel crops.
  • atropha plantations for bio-fuel. The Credit Fund would make money available to build a jatropha seed processing and bio-fuel factory.

Other Benefits of the Credit Fund

  • The state will become self-sufficient in food production.
  • More jobs will be created.
  • People will have a reason to migrate back from the cities to the countryside.
  • Fresh food will be produced for less cost, and it will be healthier.
  • The waterways will have less chemicals in them .
  • Bio-Fert can also be used for waste water and rubbish management