Agricultural Benefits

Chemical Agriculture Can Be Phased Out

  • The government will be able to phase out chemical fertilizers from the state.
  • The importation of chemicals could be phased out over 3 years, which will save the government a lot of money.
  • In the first year, by mixing Bio-Fert with chemical fertilizer the farmers can reduce the amount of chemical fertilizer by 50%.
  • In each succeeding year they will be able to reduce the amount of chemical fertilizer by another 25%. This is a rate that chemical farmers can accept.
  • After 3 years chemical inputs can be stopped.

Produce Will Become Chemical-Free

  • Chemical free farming yields competitive produce since the goal is to be 100% organic in 3-5 years. Farmers will ultimately get more for less.
  • This will mean that the farmers can be guaranteed a market and good prices for their produce in the country.

Soil Fertility Can Be Restored

  • The bio-fertilizers can be used as part of a strategy to restore soil fertility throughout the state.
  • The soil will be cleaned of chemical fertilizer deposits within 3 years and changed to a crumbly state that is rich in micro-organisms and beneficial insect life.

100% Organic Farming in 3-5 Years

  • The 0% interest, the credit period, and the fixed price will enable the state to move from food production based on chemical fertilizers to bio-chemical farming and then to 100% organic farming over a period of 3-5 years.

Increased Food Production & Quality

  • The bio-fertilizers will assist the government to increase food production beyond what chemical fertilizers can achieve.
  • We have shown the ability of the bio-fertilizers to do this with any crop over the years.
  • Fruit and vegetables become sweeter, crispier, and keep longer; flowers are larger, fresher-looking, and have a stronger scent; grain crops produce more; etc.