Bio-Fertilizer Benefits

The bio-fertilizers will enable the government:

  1. To eradicate chemical fertilizers and sprays over 3-5 years. This will save a lot of FOREX. Chemical farmers, who are usually afraid of change, can accept bio-chemical farming with these bio-fertilizers. The momentum towards 100% organic farming can thus be increased.
  2. To increase food production very significantly beyond what chemical agriculture can achieve, and for a much lower cost. These bio-fertilizers can ensure the country’s food security. Chemical agriculture cannot because of its harmful effects on the soil and environment. The bio-fertilizers are effective with all crops and trees.
  3. To reduce food production costs. In bio-chemical farming, for example, costs drop by about 40%. In 100% organic farming the cost savings compared to chemicals are very high.
  4. To restore the soil’s fertility. The soil can be cleaned of chemicals within 3-5 years and changed to a crumbly country rich in micro-organisms and beneficial insect life.
  5. To increase the quality of crops. For example, fruit and vegetables become sweeter, crispier, and keep longer; flowers are larger, fresher-looking, and have a stronger scent; etc.
  6. To ensure that the country’s food exports will not be rejected because of chemical content. For example, western markets are pushing for an end to chemically produced tea.
  7. To reduce poverty as farmers will earn more from higher crop yields and quality.
  8. To protect water sources from chemical agriculture contamination.
  9. To free up funds, which the government would have spent on subsidizing fertilizer, for the implementation of infrastructure projects.
    1. Specific Area Benefits